Hack Facebook ID Number


Why Facebook ID Number?

Facebook ID Number is the ID of each account on Facebook. It's an unique ID, in digits only. You can find that ID number using this tool (not our site, link will open in new tab-windows).

On that tool, you can find the Facebook ID number by providing the Facebook username, and the tool will find the ID number for you.

Here, what you have to do now:

  • Go to the tool
  • Get the Facebook ID number
  • Come back to this current page
  • Enter the ID number to the hacking tool on top of page
  • Receive the result: Email login to Facebook account
  • Go to Facebook hacking tool
  • Now, you know what to do next

Read FAQ for more info.

Example of Facebook ID number?

When you create a Facebook account, the Facebook servers automatically assign you an identification number, known as the Facebook ID. In an update done in the spring of 2009, a user's Facebook ID number was replaced with a "vanity" user name of the Facebook member's choice.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1595527473
  • http://www.facebook.com/marilena.crusafio

See above, 1595527473 is the Facebook ID number.

However, marilena.crusafio is the Facebook ID username. You must find the Facebook ID number from that Facebook ID username using the tool below:

Free Tool To Find Facebook ID Number »

With the above free tool, you can get your own Facebook ID, your friends Facebook ID, or a Facebook groups/fan pages ID programmatically.

Why do you need to hack Facebook ID number?

Sometimes you dont know the email address used to login to the Facebook account you want to hack. Sometimes, you know only the tel number used to login to Facebook. You should find the Facebook ID number to retrieve the email address in the profile of the Facebook account you want to hack.

Then come back to our Facebook hacking tool to hack the Facebook account with the email address that you have just got.

How do you hack Facebook ID?

See the above examples to lean how to gather either Facebook ID number or Facebook ID name. Copy and paste it to the following tool, you will get the Facebook ID number:

Free Tool Find Facebook ID »

Then go here. That's all. Happy hacking Facebook ;)

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