Does the target person know that I access to his account?

Yes, Maybe.

The Security Notification function in the target account may be enabled. Some people don’t know about it and don’t enable it whereas some others do.

So we understand your problem: You don’t want the target person to know that you hacked and login to his/her account without the permission. You don’t want any notification to be sent to the target person email or mobile. You just want to be able to login smoothly into the account, without leaving any traces.

Solutions for you: We can disable the Security Notification function in the hacked Facebook account profile for you. No more email. No more notification SMS. No more hassle. You just need to purchase the UNLIMITED Hacking Package. The Unlimited hacking service includes this features.

Buy Unlimited Hacking Package

Members who have paid for the One Package can also get this service only when they upgrade their account to enjoy the special feature of the Unlimited Hacking Package.

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