How can I get a Security Code?

Without Security Code, you need to wait until your turn because your hacking request is placed queue. If you like a quick service, we advise you to use Security Code.

Security Code is a paid Code. You just need to pay only $1.00 USD with PayPal or send a mobile SMS.

If you want to buy a Security Code, in the hacking form please click on “Help” button (picture below).

Security Code

Then you will see “BUY A SECURITY CODE” button, click on it.

Now choose “PAY $1 WITH PAYPAL” or “PAY WITH A SMS”.

How to pay with Paypal?

Once you choose to pay $1 with Paypal, you will be redirected to Paypal page where you can send payment with your Paypal account or Credit/Debit card.

The total amount you need to pay is $1.52, it is higher than $1 because of the Paypal taxes.

Once you complete the payment, Paypal will display a link, click on that link to get the Security Code. If you miss the link, contact us; then we will manually send the code via email to you. Please provide us the correct Paypal address, so we confirm your payment among others. The Security Code will be sent to you once we can verify your payment.

How to pay  with a SMS?

When you choose “PAY WITH A SMS”, the system will automatically locates your country, then enter your mobile number.

You will be guided how to text the message and send it. Once the message is send successfully, you will be replied with a verification code.

Use that code to verify your request on our site, you will get the Security Code.

Please note that the verification code is not the Security Code, you will get the Security Code on our site, not on your mobile device.

The cost of a message depends on your country’s network provider.

SO, after getting the security code, enter it into the hacking form; your hacking request will be processed without delay.

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