Does the target person know I’m hacking his Facebook account?

No. So Why?

We understand your problem when you want to hack a Facebook account. You don’t want your target person to know that you hacked and login his/her account without the permission. We know that you don’t want any notification to be sent to your target person.

In fact, your target person can know that someone has logged in his/her Facebook account. Because when both you and your target person login the Facebook account from the two different PCs at the same time or you login that account while his/her PC or mobile phone keeps that account logged in and log out afterward, a notification may be sent to your target person about that login and/or log out session.

But don’t worry! We can help you. We can stop those hassle by disabling the notification function in the hacked Facebook account profile. Remember that we have “friends” in the Facebook administration team. They can connect to Facebook servers and then disable the security section on the account you want to hack. So no notification about a different login session will be sent to your target person’s email address. He/She will never realize that his/her account has been hacked.

However, you should know that this special service is the premium feature of the Unlimited package. It means that you need to purchase the Unlimited hacking service because this feature is ONLY available for those who have paid for the Unlimited package. Visit our pricing page to get more info about the price.

Although this service is only available for VIP customers, but regular visitors, new members and those who have paid for the One package can also get this service only when they upgrade their account.

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