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How to hack free

You will have a chance to get a free hacking service - the Once Hacking Package (equivalent to $112.85 USD) - so you can hack ONE (1) account, either Facebook or email, if you do something for us. We call it a task.

The free hack service is available only for site members so you need to sign up and login to your account on our site to view the instruction of the task.

This task has 7 steps, and you need to complete all steps before sending us the task result.

Note again that you are doing this to get the Once hacking package for free. This Once hacking package allows you to hack a Facebook account only if you know the login email address to the Facebook account you want to hack, or hack an email account. It does not help you to hack multiple accounts, or hack a Facebook ID, and you cannot hack a WhatsApp account, cannot use another features of the Unlimited hacking package.

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Send task result

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What you need to do

1. Write a positive comment / review

2. Create a new Gmail.com account (Gmail account must be new and created from today: Mar 27, 2017)

3. Add a Google Voice number to that Gmail account (read instruction)

4. Create a new Facebook account for us

When your account get credited

You need to give us the full required info in order to get your account credited with the Once Hacking Package. We will add funds to your account once your task's result is verified.

Once you submitted the task result, you will need to wait for your turn to get your account credited. So, get it done quickly, because other people are doing the task and if they submit the task before you, you will be placed on the waiting queue. Due to the hug list of requests, the verification process may take a few days.

If you failed to give us the FULL required info, your task will not be accepted; Consequently, you cannot get the free hacking service on our site.

It should take about 30 minutes to complete the whole task. Just login to your account and come back to this page to view the instruction.

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